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Membership: Welcome

Club Summary

Why you should join today!

The Jacomo Yacht Club is a membership driven organization made up of people who love being on the water as cruisers. We exist to encourage friendship, camaraderie and seamanship among our community.

Our passion is sailing, but we do lots more than that.

Yearly highlights include:

  • Monthly meetings on the third Saturday of each month

  • Mid-season pig roast/luau

  • Educational workshops presented on various sailing topics

  • Hosts two annual regattas and several informal races

Membership within the Jacomo Yacht Club is simple, affordable and super awesome. Simply meet the following requirements:

  1. Be interested in sailing or cruising.

  2. Pay annual dues of $50 per family.

  3. Agree to be bound by the fleet's bylaws. 

Boat ownership is not a requirement and all interested or aspiring sailors are welcome

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Membership: What We Do

Step 1 - Submit Application

Submit your membership application

Boat ownership is not a requirement; those who are interested or aspiring sailors are welcome members

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Membership Application - Jacomo Yacht Club

Membership is active through December 31 of the current calendar year.

Terms and Conditions
By submitting this application, I, the undersigned, along with the members of my household, agree to abide by the rules, bylaws and regulations of the Jacomo Yacht Club. We further agree to hold JYC, and/or its members and leadership, harmless from any damage or injury as a result of sailing, boat storage or use of facilities.

Membership: Job Application

Step 2 - Pay Dues

Pay your dues online through our site checkout.

(Online payment will reflect $1.80 convenience charge)

Cash or check are also accepted for dues in person or by mail to current sitting treasurer.

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